Bagageiros para montar o baú na moto.


VSTROM 650 - 12/16

O bagageiro SHAD Top Master permite montar um baú superior na moto. Trata-se de um suporte desenhado especificamente para cada modelo de moto, tendo em conta as suas caraterísticas. O resultado é um produto de alta qualidade, confortável e seguro, de fácil montagem e desmontagem.
Para a montagem do top case na moto é necessário juntar a este kit à grelha que vem incluida dentro do baú SHAD.(Exceto nos baús TR48/TR37).

Ficha técnica

Compatible con parrilla pequeña (D1B29PA), mediana (D1B40PA) y grande (D1B481PA), válidas para todas las maletas top SHAD y SHAD TERRA. ATENCIÓN: fijación no compatible con parrilla aluminio (D1BTRPA).


VSTROM 650 - 12/16

Ficha técnica

Fitting - Side Bag Holder

Specific fitting for saddle bags


VSTROM 650 - 12/16

The semi-rigid side bags are an alternative to rigid side cases, ideal for those who do not usually make long journeys with the bike and seeks balance between functionality and aesthetics. But if you want to enjoy the full guarantee of a baggage conveyor system when you travel out of town, it is better to secure with a locking system.

Ficha técnica


Fitting kit for mounting PIN SYSTEM tank bags


VSTROM 650 - 12/20

The innovative PIN SYSTEM secures the tank bag to the motorcycle in a safe and easy way. 3 or 4 of the original gas cap screws are replaced with the discrete 'pins', making the installation very simple and done in only a few minutes.

Ficha técnica



Bagageiros para montar as malas laterais SH35/SH36/SH23 na moto.


VSTROM 650 - 12/16

One of SHAD’s most important innovations. The new 3P System side kit’s features are:
- Integrated design: The side mounting integrates itself better with the bike.
- Lightness: Less weight to cause nearly no change in the bike’s center of gravity, hence improving safety.
- Easy to assemble.

Ficha técnica

SHAD recomienda verificar la legislación vigente relativa a cualquier instalación que implique la alteración de la moto.

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