Capacity and resistance, the key features of the new KTM 1190 Adventure motor cases

Developed jointly with KTM, NAD SL has created the new KTM 1190 Adventure motor cases. Resistance and capacity are the hallmarks of these motor cases that have passed all sorts of safety and stability tests.

One of the main features of these new motor cases is their large volume, with capacity for a full face helmet, except for the case located next to the exhaust pipe. In fact, “the side case is the largest ever made by SHAD”, states Pere Ayala, director of the Technical Office of NAD SL.

With aluminium trims, these cases integrate perfectly into the bike. Thanks to an innovating fitting system that does not require any additional accessories; the side case hangs from a polyamide rail with a fibre glass load, fully integrated into the motorcycle’s aspect.

On the other hand, the top case does need a fastening element. As its shape is rather anti-aerodynamic, a floating rack has been developed for this motor case in order to absorb the vibrations caused by the wind and to allow the rider to enjoy stable driving even at high speeds. The top case also incorporates a backrest as an accessory.

Resistance is another feature of the KTM 1190 Adventure motor cases, which have successfully passed all sorts of tests such as the climatic chamber test, vibration tests, air-tightness tests and UV stability tests, among others.