SHAD, referent brand of motorcycle luggage, has launched in the market a new version of its adventure cases range, the new TERRA BLACK EDITION. The cases have recently won the prestigious RED DOT DESIGN AWARDS 2021 and IF DESIGN AWARDS 2021. This new version offers a stylish matte black paint, resistant to scratches and keep the same excellent technical and design features that have made the TERRA range a great success.

The new TERRA BLACK EDITION has been designed and made 100% in Barcelona in a sustainable way, for example, reducing energy consumption by clenching a process instead of welding. They consist of a set of 2 top cases and 2 side of different capacities that can be combined according to user’s load needs.
Made from hardened aluminium alloy, which allows a reduced cross section of 1.2mm to obtain minimum weight with maximum resistance, TERRA offers the perfect fit on to the motorcycle. Its aerodynamic shape and mechanisms, and of course its aesthetics, increase security during off-road rides. Its matte black paint, besides protecting it against scratches, offers a premium finish.

Attractive and Functional design
The top cases (TR37 and TR48) and the side cases (TR36 and TR47) have the TERRA LOCK System, integrating in one mechanism the lock and the handle improving ergonomics while carrying the cases off of the bike. They are also equipped with SHAD premium keys and lock cylinder increasing security and a cover that stops dust from entering.
The internal foam base of the TR37 and TR48 top cases offers more protection by reducing the movement of the load inside. In addition, we can transport an additional load thanks to the external stainless steel hinges.
The side opening of the TR47 and TR36 cases allow better access and the inner mesh (included in the TR47R and TR36R) which will secure our gear. Both models can be combined according to the user needs.

Accessories available
TERRA Cases offers a premium backrest in two pieces for TR48 and TR37 top cases offering extra comfort for the passenger. In addition, for a better organization, transport, and protection of the load it is also offer an inner bag, that could be easily adapted to the different TERRA cases. We can also find an inner mesh, included as standard with TR47R and TR36R, maximizing the load of the luggage.