Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WorldSBK 2020 season resumed in late July at the race Circuit in Jerez, with many changes from previous seasons and new security measures, but still increasing its presence online and on TV, in the absence of audiences on most circuits.

At SHAD, as a Technical Supplier of WorldSBK, we continue to support and be very present in the different championship events. In September we were closer than ever to the WorldSBK action, as it was raced "at home", at the Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya.

Broadcasted to nearly 20 television platforms around the world and with an average of more than 20 hours of broadcast over the weekend, SHAD's name gained strength as part of the advertising recognized in the 8 races hosting the World Superbike series.

Jonathan Rea is the name of the first winner in the inaugural Catalunya’s Acerbis Round, adding 97 career wins in the WorldSBK Queen’s category. In the WorldSPP category, Andrea Locatelli won the championship crown after grabbing all but one of the season's victories, with four races to go.

From SHAD we remain attentive to the WorldSBK, which continues to gain fans for its new format and that constantly adapts to offer spectacle and fun to motorcycle enthusiasts: records that are broken, unheard of victories and adrenaline on the asphalt. What will the Pirelli French Round bring us during the first weekend of October?