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New BMW R 1200 GS motor case, reliability integrated into the motorbike

NAD SL has developed the new BMW R 1200 GS motor case, with an external design very similar to its predecessor, but with a totally new fastening system that provides much more stability.

The fastening mechanism of the new motor case is much more compact and sturdier, thanks to the polyamide material with greater fibre glass reinforcement and injected aluminium parts to improve its mechanical and functional features. The motor case does not require any further fastening elements, as the whole design of the new motorcycle has been adapted to the demands of the fastening system, which helps the motor case to be fully integrated into the standard motorcycle.

The new design has also improved the case’s thermal insulation regarding the exhaust pipe thanks to a set of different materials based on stainless steel that provides an exceptional insulation. Furthermore, the side cases have successfully passed the most demanding durability, resistance and air-tightness tests, and are the first not to break or fall during the development of the project. In fact, improvements have been made in order to avoid problems even in the case of customer misuse.

With regard to the top case, its height has been slightly increased so that any sort of helmet can be kept inside, from full face to off road helmets. In this case, the system that fastens the case to the rack has been modified completely, in order to guarantee its utmost stability on all sorts of tracks. “The fastening hooks have been unattached from the mobile parts of the mechanism to avoid them being weak due to the movement required by this system”, explains Pere Ayala, director of the Technical Office of NAD SL. A design that has shown a great reliability in all the tensile tests carried out.