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In order to keep driving our offer on Adventure products, this week we introduce you the market’s lightest aluminium case with capacity for two flip-up helmets: the new TR55.

Designed and made in Barcelona, the newest top case for the TERRA range has already been awarded with the ABC Awards 2022, given its innovative design with slightly curved sides which minimises the visual impact a case for two helmets has on the motorcycle. Measurement optimisation and the use of hardened aluminium alloys of 1.2 mm thickness allow the case’s weight to be reduced to a minimum: at 5.4 kg, it is the market’s lightest aluminium case with capacity for two helmets.

TR55 is available in both the Black Edition and natural aluminium versions and features all technical characteristics that have made SHAD’s aluminium top cases successful among users. Among which, the TERRA Lock System (patent pending) stands out. Characterised by integrating 3 different functions into just one mechanism: closes the case, attaches it to the motorcycle, and includes a carrying handle, hidden when not in use.

This new top case has been tested on different on and off routes and at different distances as with previous TERRA top cases. Developed as the perfect travel companion for all users and designed to increase security on off road trips that require luggage.

As with all our aluminium range, TR55 has been made sustainably due to, for example, a limited energy use by means of clinching instead of welding.

Furthermore, the new top case also features all premium finishes that made the TERRA range a reference point: the top case frame is sealed with rubber which protects the interior from dust and water. At the same time, premium key and cylinder lock for greater security and an anti-dust protector to guarantee perfect functioning. The inner foam base offers another layer of protection as it reduces load movement. Lastly, there is the option to add an additional load thanks to its stainless steel hooks on the top cover