SH23 Alu look

The SH23 side cases stand out for their elegance, lightness and functionality. They have a great aerodynamic shape and retain their waterproofness and resistance. All the volume capacity is usable on the SH23 and the top opening allows the rider to access the load without having to get off the bike.
They include an extra cylinder as standard, if you want to use a single key to open the three cases (side and top).
Like most other SHAD side cases, it can be opened and closed with one hand, without having to leave the key inside. We only have to use it when we want to secure it to the motorcycle.

Its design finished in alu look makes them ideal for combining road and mountain trails, in addition to combining perfectly with the SH40 alu look top case.

The way to fit it on the motorcycle is through our new unique fixing system on the market: the “3P SYSTEM”. Patented by SHAD and characterized by its integrated and lightweight design, it has been developed prioritizing not only aesthetics, but with safety in mind.
Integrated design: The fitting is much more integrated on the motorcycle. The typical rectangular frame disappears which is reduced to a single horizontal "L" shaped arm on which the three points (3P) of the cases are supported, concealing the hardware once the cases are removed.
Position: Both the size of the case and the inclination of the 3P System have been designed to bring the weight of the set as much as possible towards the center of gravity of the motorcycle. This gives you greater security and stability when driving with a full load.
Fitting flexibility: The 3-point fitting provides both security and flexibility. This is reflected in a slight swing of the case. This oscillation allows air circulation around, avoiding the "anchor" effect of a flatter and stiffer case. Again, this results in greater security and stability on the go.

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Premium Smart Lock System
Fitting better integrated and lighter
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