El compromiso de NAD-SHAD con el medio ambiente queda reflejado con la implantación de un sistema de Gestión Medioambiental, certificado conforme a la norma ISO 14001.

Nos posicionamos como socialmente responsables, optimizando la gestión de recursos y residuos, reduciendo el impacto ambiental derivado de nuestra actividad y potenciando la innovación y la productividad.


  • We have vending machines featuring healthy food.
  • Fairtrade® certified coffee and green-friendly coffee makers.
  • We promote the use of porcelain mugs instead of disposable cups that generate waste.
  • We use chlorine-free paper manufactured to reduce environmentally harmful emissions.
  • We are rolling out a digital invoicing system.
  • We promote waste separation and recycling in the offices (packaging, paper, printer toners, batteries, organic material) andin our production processes.
  • All our new lighting installations will be built with low-consumption elements.
  • Revision of use times of lights across NAD/SHAD production plants.
  • We have a plan to place presence detectorsunder way across all factory, warehouse and office areas.
  • Work temperature reduction in the factory’s upholstering furnaces to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Acquisition of a new high energy-efficient compressor.
  • Installation of automatic doors to optimise heating use and reduce consumption.
  • Implementation of a leak-inspection prevention plan in the compressed-air facility.
  • Revision of heating management across all manufacturing areas.
  • Project to replace diesel lifting platforms with electric ones.
  • Project to replace diesel forklifts with electric ones.
  • Reutilisation of heat energy emitted in the upholstery furnaces, driving it towards annexed sections via forced ventilation.
  • All our Asian textile product suppliers comply with ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards.



Our seats can be broken down into 3 parts: 
  • PVC cover (includes thread and elastic) 
  • PU foam 
  • PP base. 
When your seat has reached the end of its service life, please take it to an authorised recycling plant. 

If the seat includes a heating system, it is important to take it to an authorised electrical and electronic equipment recycling plant to prevent it from polluting and to reuse its materials. 


Motor cases parts are removable. All the materials are indicated on the plastic parts. The materials we use in our motor cases are: 
  • PP 
  • ABS 
  • PA 
  • Aluminium in some references. 


The attachments are made from iron. The screws and other assembly parts can be detached. 
Please take old fitting kits to an authorised recycling plant. 


When your textile luggage (tank bag, side bags, backpacks, etc.) has reached the end of its service life, please take it to an authorised recycling plant. The main materials we use in our products are: 
  • Polyester: exterior fabric, linings, straps. 
  • Nylon zips 
  • POM clasps and rings 

Some tank bags include magnets to fasten them to the motorcycle. At the end of your bag’s service life, make sure you remove the magnets and recycle them properly to prevent them from polluting.


At NAD we demonstrate our respect for the environment by practising the following policies, whereby we:
  • Control and reduce waste and consumption and evaluate and minimise the environmental impact of our activity whenever technically and economically possible.
  • Comply with the laws in force and other requirements we voluntarily sign up to relating to the environment.
  • Continuously seek the technological improvements available on the market and establish an ongoing resource and media maintenance plan to guarantee maximum service quality.
  • Comply with customer prerequisites and legal requirements.
  • Establish indicators that allow us to measure compliance with the requirements and objectives set in our processes.
  • Identify the environmental aspects of the company and evaluate them to determine those which could have a significant environment impact.

NAD assumes the following challenges:
  • To provide and uphold a high service level that results in enhanced prestige and better environmental impact of our business processes.
  • To work always seeking ongoing improvement in order to improve, protect the environment and prevent its contamination.

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