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To attach a SHAD case to your motorcycle model, you always need a specific fitting for your motorcycle and in the case of top cases, also a mounting rack to attach the case.

Most of our top cases include the mounting rack and hardware for quick and easy installation. For Terra cases, there are 3 rack options available.

Depending on the case chosen and the motorcycle model, you can mount one or another case. You will need to find the right fitting for your bike in the section FOR YOUR BIKE.

We do not make copies of keys nor do we have master keys, if you have had an incident with your keys, the only recommendation we can offer is the change of the cylinder with its corresponding keys.

In the motorcycle cases section, you must select your SHAD case model. There you will find the list of available spare parts. If it does not appear in this list, it is unfortunately not available.

In this link, you will find how to install the same key on all your SHAD cases.

It is not possible to unify the cylinder of our cases with the motorcycle’s starter cylinder. The codings are completely different, therefore, the only option for unification would be the SHAD top and side cases.


By “fitting” we mean the connecting element between the motorcycle and the motorcycle case or bag.
At SHAD we develop directly the fitting kits for our motorcycle cases, achieving a maximum integration with the aesthetics of the motorcycle and guaranteeing the safe installation of all the elements.

Motorcycles not listed in our system indicate that no fitting kits have been developed for that model. If it is a new model from this year, they may be pending development.

Yes, in general they are required because the motorcycle brands do not incorporate them as standard. You can check the compatibility between our products (cases and bags) and in the section FOR YOUR MOTORCYCLE.

They are not always required because in the case of bags they can be anchored directly to the motorcycle with other universal fitting systems, such as straps or straps. In these cases, SHAD cannot be held responsible for the effect on its products of an incorrect installation.

The different fitting kits depending on the type of motorcycle product can be found HERE.

The fitting kits are safety and precision elements, specifically designed and tested for each model and year. They must not be installed in models other than those specified. We are unable to validate and therefore to guarantee possible adjustments to motorcycle models not included in our list.
For your complete safety and preservation of the SHAD warranty, all installations must be carried out according to the instructions given for each model of motorcycle fitting and case.

For the same motorcycle model, unless specifically indicated, the Top MASTER fitting is compatible with the 3P SYSTEM/4PSYSTEM fitting. In this way a set of top and side cases can be mounted.

The fitting kits for the side cases are compatible with the Top Master fitting of the corresponding model, unless otherwise specified. It is recommended to carefully review the user guides before installation in order to perform the assembly correctly. It is possible that in a joint assembly you may not use some of the supplied parts.

The SH23 case opens from the inside out. With some 3p systems, this side case touches other elements of the motorcycle, preventing it from opening completely, therefore its mounting is not indicated.