1- Quality policy

NAD’s main mission is to achieve constant improvement in the quality of its products and services, therefore our quality policy is defined and the following principles are established:

  • The quality policy is appropriate to the purpose of the organization, taking into account the context of our organization, as well as our stakeholders.
  • The final quality of the product supplied to the customer is the result of planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement during all stages of product execution.
  • To satisfy the needs of our customers as well as those of our stakeholders.
  • Compliance with legal requirements as well as those set by our customers and all those that apply to us.
  • This Quality Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives, providing evidence of Management’s commitment to the development, implementation and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • Identify the context of our organization and determine the risks and opportunities in order to continuously improve the organization.
  • Management is committed and requests the commitment of all employees, to the extent that it is their responsibility, to improve and apply the quality criteria in order to continue to be market leaders.


At NAD we manifest our respect for the environment through the practice of the following principles:

  • Control and reduce waste and consumption, as well as evaluate and minimize the environmental impact of our activity, when technically and economically possible.
  • Comply with current legislation, as well as other requirements subscribed voluntarily, in all matters relating to the environment.
  • We are continuously searching for the best technologies available in the market, as well as establishing a continuous maintenance plan of resources and means to guarantee the highest quality service.
  • Comply with the requirements set by customers as well as legal requirements.
  • Establish indicators to measure compliance with the requirements and objectives set in our processes.
  • Identify the environmental aspects of NAD as well as their evaluation to determine which may give rise to significant environmental impacts.
  • To achieve and maintain a high level of service that results in an increase in our prestige and an improvement in the environmental impact of our business processes.
  • Always working towards continuous improvement in order to improve and prevent environmental protection and pollution.