SH40 Alu look

The SH40 alu look is a top case made of high-quality reinforced polypropylene. The case resists extreme temperatures and protects the interior load both from impacts and drops. Its capacity ensures enough space for a full-face helmet, more accessories, or two jet helmets.
The security provided by the “Handle Lock System” allows for a double lock; On one hand, it secures the case to the motorcycle and, on the other hand, locks the case itself. It has a handle so that, once removed, the transport of the case is easy and simple. It also has internal compression strips that ensure that the internal load does not move.
Like most other SHAD top cases, it can be opened and closed with one hand, without having to leave the key inside. We only have to use it when we want to secure it to the motorcycle.
Its design finished in alu look makes it ideal to combine road and mountain trails, in addition to combine perfectly with the SH23 alu look.
As optional accessories, we have the backrest and the brake light. The backrest (D0RI60) provides greater passenger comfort as well as giving the set a totally unique design. The brake light (D0B40KL), is made with low wattage LEDs and is very easy to install, since it is attached to the bottom of the mounting plate of the case, increasing safety, making the motorcycle more visible from the rear.
As the rest of the SHAD motorcycle top cases (except for TR48/TR37), it includes the plate and the screws kit.

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Normaler Helm und Jet-Helm
Secure Lock System
Adapterplatte D1B40PA inbegriffen
Rückenlehne als Zusatzteil
Bremslicht als Zusatzteil
Breite: 49.2 / Höhe: 29.6 / Tiefe: 42.5
Höchstlast: 4

Verfügbare Farben

  • D0B40200 -

    D0B40200 -


Koffer-Halterungen suchen

  • D0B40KL - Bremslicht

  • D0RI60 - Rückenlehne