SHAD launches the innovative SH38X Expandable cases on the market

SHAD, the leading brand in motorcycle accessories and pioneers in expandability, kicks off the sales of its long-awaited set of expandable side cases: the SH38X Expandable cases. 

The SH38X Expandable cases, which were revealed during the last edition of EICMA in Milan, are the only expandable side cases on the market that can adapt to the latest generation of high-end motorcycles. They are the ideal accessory for any biker who appreciates having extra load capacity (up to one helmet) at certain times. It is also ideal for riders who want to reduce the width of their bike with the mounted case, thus making it safer on rides and with more agile handling. 

Technological innovation 
Engineering and Design, two hallmarks of the SHAD brand, come together in the SH38X Expandable cases to create a set of equipment that stands out for its expandable mechanism, based on an architectural concept: tensegrity. 

It is an innovative mechanical system with compensated tension that allows the case to expand and contract telescopically in a uniform manner in a matter of seconds. This technology has been adapted to the needs of the motorcycling world in order to create a never-before-seen concept that we call Dynamic Tensegrity. 

This system lets the SH38X cases expand by 70 mm, increasing their volume by 40%, and allowing for the storage of a modular XL ECE 22.06 helmet inside. This makes them the most compact cases for a modular helmet on the market.  

The case is compatible with the 3P and 4P Mounting Systems. As of their launch, they are compatible with more than 200 models of bikes currently on the market.  

Furthermore, its “Double Locking System” lets you lock it on the mounts, thus blocking access to its interior. This exclusive system turns the SH38X Expandable case into a safe alternative for all kinds of trips.  

The SH38X Expandable cases come with an aluminum finish that like the SH59X trunk, allowing the most demanding riders to have an Expandable side case and trunk set. They are also available in a carbon version, forming a set with the SH58X Expandable trunk. 

As far as accessories go, two inside nets are included that serve a double purpose. On the one hand, to secure the objects inside so that they don’t fall out, and on the other hand, to store small objects and documentation. Finally, an extra cylinder is included to unify the system in the case of a trunk, making it possible to close it with a single key.  

 Available options include an expandable inside bag, adapters for the 4P mounts, and colored covers to personalize the cases to match the bike’s color. 

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