SHAD presents three new Click System Tank Bags

SHAD continues to promote its expanding Click System tank bag range. Following the success of the first models in this family, it adds to its range with 3 new versions: E03CL PRO, E09CL PRO and E09CM.

E03/09 CL PRO

The CL PRO (CLP) versions are designed to provide extra capacity to even the most demanding riders, thanks to the expandability system, providing 1 extra liter of capacity for the E03CL PRO (from 3 to 4 liters) and 3 extra liters for the E09CL PRO (from 5 to 8 liters).

Likewise, it provides extra security by including a security lock cylinder for mounting and a security padlock for the bag. Its standard accessories include a waterproof cover, a shoulder strap, a keyring and internal straps. In addition, the E09CL PRO version also includes a waterproof smartphone holder.

E09 CM:

A new feature of the E09CM (CM) version is the base position, intended to improve its integration on motorcycles with more than 12 cm between the handlebars and the gas cap. The capacity is 5 liters.

The E09CM includes a waterproof cover and a shoulder strap as standard accessories.

Extra security: Double Locking System

The Click System bags are the only tank bags on the market with a double security system: a combination lock to prevent access to the inside of the bag and a lock and key mount.  All this represents a built-in double system that offers extra security for short periods of time, with the bag mounted and secured on the bike.

As in the case of the CL PRO versions, a large part of the range comes already standard equipped with the double locking system, and for other versions, as in the case of the CM version, these elements are available as accessories.

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