The versatility of this new design makes it possible to respond to very diverse interests, offering a very wide range of capabilities.

L – From dawn to dusk
In the most compact mode (L) the case can carry everything the rider may need in his daily life. In this position, the aerodynamics and the behavior of the motorcycle and the trunk as a whole are favored.

XL – For your unlimited getaways
The second level (XL) is useful for longer range getaways or weekend duo outings, being able to store 2 full-face helmets. We achieve an optimal compromise between capacity and dynamic performance.

XXL – Conquer your next adventure
Finally, when the case is fully expanded (XXL), the maximum volume is capable of holding everything you need to successfully tackle an unforgettable motorcycle adventure.

Capacity/Aerodynamic Ratio in different sizes
L 46L 10
XL 52L 8
XXL 58L 6

We know that in motorcycling there are times when every liter of capacity is of great value. The new SHAD expandable cases are your best ally.


The ultimate goal pursued by SHAD was to develop a novel concept of expandable case, whose interior volume can be expanded at the user’s will.
The technical challenges we faced were:
1.- Maximum capacity for 2 Enduro helmets. Currently there is no other case on the aftermarket with these characteristics and adaptable to a large number of motorcycle models.
2.- To design a multiple regulation system, with at least 3 selectable positions and very easy to operate, being able to opt for 3 different capacities effortlessly, in very few seconds.
3.- Maximize the durability of the product. In other adjustable models on the market, the locking mechanism extends and retracts together with the case, which means that the mechanism is subject to greater wear and tear. At SHAD we have designed a locking mechanism that does not tilt with the lid, but is located at a fixed point on the structure. This innovation results in a more efficient and durable product for the end user.
4.- To achieve high dynamic performance, optimizing weight and aerodynamics in any of the three volumes. The new Expandable case uses a structural frame, like the one developed for the SH36 side cases, which ensures high rigidity while minimizing the weight of the set.
In addition, the significant reduction in the complexity of the regulatory mechanism also contributes to this weight reduction.
All this makes the new SH59X and SH58X Expandable cases the lightest in their class, which significantly improves the handling of the motorcycle.

This set of innovations has allowed us to patent the new SH59X and SH58X Expandable cases, making them unique and exclusive in the market.

shad expandable TOP CASE

Design, Technology and Experience come together to achieve the only case on the market adjustable up to 58 liters. Compatible with all SHAD Top Master fitting systems, this case adapts to a wide range of motorcycles and uses, from everyday use in the city to the adventure trip we’ve always dreamed of taking.

Possibility of adjusting the volume of the case.

Possibility of adjusting the volume of the case.

With the expandable case, you can focus on what's really important

Whether it’s the more asphalt version, the SH58X, or the more country version, SH59X, you will always have all your luggage safe and easily accessible, without the need to remove and put on the so much sought-after octopuses when embarking on a long trip. And if you need even more space, combine them with SHAD side cases, tank bags, etc.
Back home, you don’t have to give up the best dynamic behavior of your bike. Switch between the different positions of the case in just a few seconds, achieving a large capacity for your day to day, but at the same time very compact and aerodynamic.

red dot award for expandable concept

The expandable case has won the 2017 Red Dot Award, one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide. The SH59X and SH58X, a unique product on the market, has won over the 40 members of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 jury for its high-quality design.


With the expandiBle case, you can focus on what's really important

We have created a series of accessories in which the Design, while improving the aesthetics of the whole, is at the service of Ergonomics and Comfort.
Backing. Designed as both an ergonomic and aesthetic element, the D0RI80 backrest offers greater comfort for the passenger and at the same time gives the case improved aesthetics.
Expandable Internal Bag. The Perfect Set For Greater Comfort. We have designed a new expandable internal bag, like the case, to fit perfectly into the three case configurations. Use it for greater convenience by being able to pack or carry your luggage without having to remove the case from its fitting and take it everywhere.
Color Covers. In the case of the SH58X, you can choose from four color options available for the top cover. In addition to the carbon fiber cover, included in the “standard” case, the available colors are Black Metal, New Titanium and White.