New recognition for SHAD designs

The Industrial Design Association (ADI-FAD) has awarded SHAD with four Bronze Delta Awards in the Mobility category.

At a ceremony that took place at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, the SHAD products awarded for their design were the side case SH38X Expandable; the Click System for quick and safe installation of motorcycle tank bags; and the Executive and Daily families of the new SHAD Bike business unit.

The jury highlighted the innovative expandable mechanism of the SH38X case, based on a concept derived from architecture: tensegrity. This mechanism allows the case to expand and contract telescopically, in a matter of seconds and uniformly. The result has been the first expandable side cases in the aftermarket, the most compact on the market with the capacity to hold a modular helmet.

Of the system Click System have underlined the convenience of push-button removal that all the bags in the range incorporate, as well as perfect aesthetic integration with the tank of more than 200 motorcycle models, and the multiple options of bags with different closures, volumes and finishes (10 models).

Two product families of the new business unit have also received a Bronze Delta. SHAD BIKES: The family DAILY which consists of a Tote Bag, a backpack and a handlebar bag, and the family EXECUTIVE which consists of a backpack, an office bag and a handlebar bag. In both cases, they stand out for their functionality, design and finishes adapted to the use and user profile.

Created in 1961, the Delta Awards are a benchmark in the Spanish business world. They aim to promote public recognition of innovative products that propose a conceptual renovation and contribute to environmental or social issues, being an example of good design and manufacturing quality.

These awards recognize the dedication and talent of our engineering and design teams, and by extension all SHAD employees. Congratulations!

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