SHAD with Joan Pedrero and the Yamaha Teneré Team at the Africa Eco Race 2024

The Legend Dakar rider changed competitions to tackle a long rally just as hard as the original Paris-Dakar on his Harley Davidson Panamerican series bike. At SHAD, as sponsors, we are proud of the meritorious achievement of his goal: finishing the rally. He did so in an impressive manner, keeping up with the pace of the competition without a bike specifically prepared for it, finishing in 25th place for bikes, which makes Joan’s new feat with SHAD even more remarkable.

This has been yet another ambitious and adventurous challenge for our most charismatic rider and product tester, who has helped us develop and improve products in the TERRA series, such as the TR55 and the TR40, thanks to his vast experience in adverse conditions on complicated terrains.

Alessandro Botturi, Pol Tarrés and Nicolas Charlier from the Yamaha Teneré World Raid team also used special SHAD seats to ensure comfort and durability in order to stand up to the competition. Alessandro and Pol alternated positions, fighting for the lead until the very end, ultimately coming in 2nd and 3rd in bikes.

For another year, we continue to be associated with the world of motorbike competition and adventure, with real specialists in resistance opting for the SHAD brand. This is undoubtedly a spectacular start to a 2024 year filled with novelties, among which the SH38X will stand out.

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