TR55 Pure Black is the new version of the lighter 2 helmet aluminium topcase.

Pure Black’s all-black finish expands the options of the award-winning Adventure case

The SHAD brand is extending the highly appreciated range of Adventure products in the TERRA range. This March sees the launch of the all-black version of the lightest two-helmet modular aluminumcase on the market: the new TR55 Pure Black.

The new TR55 Pure Black top case, designed and manufactured in Barcelona, also carries with it the ABC Awards 2022 recognition, thanks to its design with slightly curved sides that minimizes the visual impact on the bike. The optimization of the dimensions and the use of 1.2 mm hardened aluminum alloys reduce the weight of the case to a minimum, making it, at 5.4 kg, the lightest 2-hull aluminum case.

The TR55 is now available in three finishes: the new Pure Black version with black finish both on the body and on the locking and transport mechanism, the Black Edition with black body and stainless steel finish lock, and the TR55 with body finished in natural aluminum and stainless steel finish lock. Beyond the anti-scratch finish offered by the black paint, all three versions of the TR55 have the same technical features that have made them a hit with users. Among them is the TERRA Lock System (patent pending). It is characterized by integrating 3 different functions in a single mechanism: it closes the case and fixes it to the motorcycle and includes the carrying handle, which is hidden when not in use.

Like the other TERRA cases, it has been conceived to be the perfect travel companion for all types of users and designed to increase safety on off-road trips that require carrying luggage.

Like the rest of the aluminum range, the TR55 Pure Black is manufactured in a sustainable way, thanks, for example, to limit energy consumption by clenching instead of welding.

In addition, the new top case also features all the premium finishes that have made the TERRA range a benchmark: it has a rubber profile on the top case frame that protects the interior from water or dust. At the same time, it is equipped with a premium key and cylinder for added security and a dust cover to ensure perfect operation. The foam base inside offers extra protection for the load and, thanks to its stainless steel hooks on the top lid, it allows you to carry an extra piece of cargo.

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